And then some.

The fact is, at Good Times we do a lot of things other burger places don’t take the time to do. Sure, it starts with our commitment to all-natural beef and chicken, but that just the tip of the frozen custard treat, if you get our drift.

Let’s see if you know your stuff when it comes to how Good Times does things better.

Take our quiz.

Just click on the correct answer.

  1. Our all-natural, humanely-raised, antibiotic-free, no-added-hormone beef comes from:
    1. Meyer Ranch in Montana. YOU ARE CORRECT!
    2. Lance Armstrong’s former doping doctor. Nope. Our beef races clean.
    3. Frozen-Patties-R-Us. Nope. You’re not off to a very good start.
  2. We get our all natural, antibiotic-free, no-added-hormone chicken from the first chicken farm in the world to be:
    1. Overthrown by highly organized, revolutionary-minded chickens. Nope. Our chickens live the good life.
    2. Humane-certified. YOU ARE CORRECT!
    3. Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Nope. The entry fees are ridiculous.
  3. Our thick, rich, creamy frozen custard is made:
    1. In small batches throughout the day. YOU ARE CORRECT!
    2. In small batches once a week. Nope. You need some test prep maybe.
    3. Whenever we feel like it, thank you very much. Nope. If at first you don’t succeed…
  4. Our lemonade is made from:
    1. Something that resembles lemons. Nope. Did you get enough sleep last night?
    2. Yellow-colored “lemony” stuff mixed with water. Nope. Are you just guessing, or what?
    3. Lemons. YOU ARE CORRECT!
  5. One thing some burger joints have that we do not is:
    1. A robot that flips burgers. Nope. Danger, Will Robinson!
    2. A heat lamp to keep burgers warm while they sit. Nope. No burger tanning booths here.
    3. A grumpy manager who hates special orders. Nope. Grumpy is against our policy: Happiness made to order.
    4. All of the above. YOU ARE CORRECT!
  6. Our vanilla frozen custard gets its yummy vanilla flavor from:
    1. A robot that flips vanillas. Nope. Did you make it out of 5th grade?
    2. Real Madagascar vanilla. YOU ARE CORRECT!
    3. Artificial vanilla flavoring from the same guys who invented Liquid Smoke. Nope. Email us for our study guide.
  7. We were the first multi-unit fast food chain in Colorado to:
    1. Discontinue Musak. Nope. We never had Musak in the first place.
    2. Sponsor a global peace initiative. Nope. But it seems like a worthwhile idea.
    3. Serve only all-natural beef. YOU ARE CORRECT!
  8. The all-natural ingredients in our frozen custard include:
    1. All-natural milk, cream and eggs. YOU ARE CORRECT!
    2. All-natural artificial intelligence. Nope. (And this was an easy one.)
    3. All-natural eye of newt, pinch of bat’s wing and Unicorn horn. Nope. Harry Potter doesn’t work here.
  9. We get our famous fire-roasted green chile from:
    1. This little store we know on the other side of town. Nope. It’s OK; we grade on a curve.
    2. Hatch Valley, New Mexico, home of Hatch Valley Green Chile. YOU ARE CORRECT!
    3. An ad in the back of Hot Peppers magazine. Nope. But, hey, IQ is overrated.
  10. Every morning in our restaurants we:
    1. Hand-cut our fresh iceberg lettuce, ripe tomatoes and whole Bermuda onions. YOU ARE CORRECT!
    2. Do team yoga to a Yanni CD. Nope. But we might think about starting this.
    3. Climb in through a window because we lost our door key years ago. Nope. This was your last chance to score, dude.